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We received an official release by our sponsor and bike provider Corratec, a message that we are glad to share

“We condemn doping in any form in the strongest possible terms and distance ourselves from all possible benefits from the use of illicit substances.

At the same time, however, we stand behind our team and their moral alignments. We are sure and trust that this situation will remain an isolated case of a single cyclist.

Unfortunately, today a single cyclist can destroy the credibility of an entire team.

Team Vini Zabu does everything to ensure a clean sport and at the same time promotes the team, as well as unprecedented – young and new riders.

Thus, the participation of the team in various competitions guarantees excitement in every race.
Especially compared to the big teams, Vini Zabu is always good for a sporting highlight and a special sporting surprise.

I only hope for all team members, all team family members and of course the fans that this individual racer is not judged in such way that the credibility and the future of the team, as well as all racers and employees suffer.

Cycling needs teams like Vini Zabu, because this commitment, motivation and passion brings excitement to international professional cycling.

I hope that all those who judge this, assess the situation correctly and appreciate the commitment.

We as Corratec, will not let the team fall.”

Cielo & Konrad Irlbacher

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